We always take a proactive approach to serve our patients. We engage all our resources to deliver what we promise. Below you can find a brief list of our services:

Private medical consultation

Full Health assessment

Home and hotel visits

Training and Lectures in Healthcare

Treatment of accidents including fractures

Minor surgery


Nebulizer machine

Oxygen therapy

Sterile phlebotomy sets

Liquid nitrogen for skin treatment, as appropriate

Screening for and care of lifestyle illnesses (e.g. weight, diabetes, high cholesterol etc.)

Annual and pre-employment check-ups

Children's check- ups

Antenatal shared care for pregnant women

Family Planning

On-site lab tests

Woman and child health

Comprehensive pathology tests

Counselling services

HIV/STD/Hepatitis testing

Blood grouping

Visual acuity testing

Routine and travel vaccinations


We also use the best available medical facilities to carry out additional laboratory test, X-rays, mammogram, and ultrasound. Actively working together with a number of trusted local specialists we can offer a comprehensive service of other specialists.

Vaccinations and Childhood Immunizations

PMC offers a number of vaccines for children and adult. The following is the list of the most common vaccines:

Diptheria, tetanus toxoids and acellulapertussis vaccine; Hepatitis A vaccine; Hepatitis B; Influenza; Measles/Mumps/Rubella; Inactivated polio vaccine (IPV); Rabies, Haemophilus Influenzae type b conjugate vaccine (HiB), Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Pneumoccocal vaccine (PCV); Meningitis C vaccine; Immunoglobulin and other vaccines are available by special requests.

If you need an advice about your vaccination calendar please contact us.


In case of serious accident or illness PMC will arrange all appropriate evacuation procedures after stabilization in our clinic or elsewhere.

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